2012-04-16 Minutes Letter Agenda Annual Meeting

April 16, 2012

The Annual Homeowners Meeting was held on Monday, April 16, 2012 at the Kalssen Center located in

the Tinley Park Village Hall.

In attendance were 19 homeowners. This is the best turnout of Homeowners at the annual meeting. The

Board Thanks every homeowner who came out to attend this meeting. The Board works hard all year

and appreciates seeing that homeowners are interested in this Association.

The meeting was called to order by President Ed Dineen at 7:10 pm.

Bruce Fredrick recapped the 2011 Actual Budget and explained the reason the budget was under what

was initially estimated is due to not replacing the roofs. Byrne Johnson (roofing company) has inspected

the roofs on all the buildings, repaired what needed repaired and will continue to inspect the roofs of all

our buildings for the next two years. Their professional opinion was/is that we can extend having to

begin replacing roofs for another two to three years. Thus allowing the association to build up our

Capital Reserves.

Bruce Fredrick recapped the approved budget for 2012-13. The following additional projects are

scheduled to be completed: Driveway repair/resealing; Porch Railing repairs (not painting); Common

Area Grading; Audit by an outside Auditor of the Ashford Manor West Phase III Books and Records;

Attorney review of By Laws/Amendments, Rules and Regulations with the possibility of

revising/clarifying contradicting sections; Annual Roof Inspections.

The Election for the 2012-13 Board of Directors was announced. Ed Dineen as President, Bruce Fredrick

as Treasure, Kathie Gudauskas as Secretary and AJ Aldabbagh uncontested. Kathie Gudauskas requested

all in attendance that were in favor of Ed Dineen as President, Bruce Fredrick as Treasure and Kathie

Gudauskas as Secretary, individually to raise their hands. The vote was unanimous. Kathie then

announced Amjad (AJ) Aldabbagh and Rex Sandine on the ballot for Vice President and 1st Vice

President. All homeowners present at the meeting were asked to raise their hand if in favor of Amjad

(AJ) Aldabbagh and Rex Sandine as Vice President and 1st Vice President. The vote was unanimous. The

2012-13 Board of Directors was finalized.

Annual Homeowner Meeting Minutes

Kathie Gudauskas announced the results of the homeowner votes on whether or not to amend the

current By Laws to allow leasing of units. A total of 75% of the 60 Homeowners (45) is required for a

vote to be effective. 48 votes were received with 21 in favor and 27 not in favor. The By Laws

amendment to allow leasing of units will NOT occur.

Kathie Gudauskas asked if any homeowners did not complete the information questionnaire to please

do so. These are being collected to ensure we have correct information for each homeowner and to

gather Property Tax Assessed Values to ensure no homeowner is being over assessed. If this is the case,

we, as a group have a better chance applying for appeals and being accepted. Further information on

this will be forthcoming.

- A request was made to possibly revisit amending the By Laws to allow leasing later this year. It was

discussed that the pros and cons of renting should be included in the communication to the

homeowners if and when this takes place again.

- A request was submitted to inspect the vent intakes to ensure they are in good order on the buildings

- A request was submitted to research FHA Approval for units being purchased. The Board will research

this and has already been informed that the Association as a whole can submit for FHA Approval as a

whole. This would required the assistance of an attorney.

- A request was submitted to inspect the gutters above and around the middle (two Bedroom) units due

to improper of draining in the winter causing a build of ice on and around the porch

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.