2024 HOA Fee Increase

Date: February 16, 2024

Re: HOA Fee Increase

Dear Homeowners,

This letter is being sent to inform you that your Homeowner Association fee was increased to

$215 a month effective January 1, 2024. This increase was discussed at the annual association

meeting held on December 30, 2023. Unfortunately, attendance was very low, with only a

handful of homeowners present.

The reasons necessitating the increase were discussed in full. In addition to wanting to maintain

our community’s aesthetics and continually see increases in the value of our homes, there are

many projects that need to be completed in the near and immediate future. These include:

Replacement of siding, gutters, fascia and soffit. This will be an on-going project over the next

few years. Repairs of all black iron railings.

Please note, if the monthly fee was not increased, all homeowners would have to incur special

assessments to complete these projects, resulting in single, very large payments. It is also

important to note that our phase remains one of the lowest monthly fees out of the three

phases in Ashford Manor West and in the surrounding area.

Also, if your Association Fee is direct deposit now – please contact Alliance Association Bank

and have them adjust your monthly payment. The phone number is (844) 739-2331.

In order to balance our yearly budget, it is necessary for you to adjust your March monthly

payment to $215 and pay this amount going forward.

In addition, if you were not in attendance at the meeting and were not aware of the increase, it

is also necessary to submit an additional $25 for the month of January and an additional $25 for

the month of February.

Thank you,

The Ashford Manor Mgmt. Team

Original notice that was posted on homeowners' doors.

Homeowners Letter for HOA Fee Increase R3.pdf