2012-04-1 Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2013

The Board Meeting was held on Monday, February 27th and called to order by President Ed Dineen at 7:00 pm.

In Attendance were:

Ed Dineen – President

Bruce Fredrick – Treasurer

Roger Abdullah – 1st Vice President Amjad Aldabbagh – 2nd Vice President

Recap of Units: 7903 W 160th Street sold at $115,000 15951 – Possibly Vacant.

75% of the votes mailed out to all homeowners to amend the By Law section regarding “no Lease/Renting” of units have been counted, however the board of directors has decided to postpone a final count in hopes of receiving the remaining votes not received yet. The announcement of the vote tally will be made at the annual homeowner meeting to be held in April.