2014-05-05 Minutes Letter Agenda Annual Meeting


The meeting of the Ashford Manor Phase III was called to order at 7:05pm on by Rex Sandine.


14 Homeowners (including the Board of Directors)

Welcome New homeowners

Rex Sandine welcomed the new homeowners: Nancy Crumpley, Steve Dupree (present), Nadil Salahat and David Kaczmarski

2014 Association Dues Increase / Management Company

The Board of Directors voted NOT to increase the 2013 month association dues. The 2014 dues will remain at $140 and is due on

the 10th of each month. A management company was discussed and a consideration if we were not able to assemble a board for

2014/2015. Hiring a management company would bring our monthly assessments up to $180-$200. The decision was made not to

hire a management company and keep the Board of Directors intact based on a proxy vote sheet that was delivered to homeowners

for signatures.

Financials: 2014 Budget as of May 5th 2014

Roger reviewed the 2013 financials and Budget for 2014.

 Income: $99,440

 Expenditures: $106,250

 Capital Reserves and Bank Balances (as of 12/31/2013): $196,061

*Detailed budget available by requesting via email – ashfordmanor3@gmail.com

Expired CDs will be moved to a new interest baring account in Q3.

Maintenance and Board approved projects

Roof replacements completed in 2013– Roof replacements will be completed in priority order of worst to best. Based on the roof

company assessment, the following will be replaced in 2014 - 7939, 7941,7943,7945. Others will be considered and will be

replaced accordingly. Front Light fixture replacements have been approved and considered to be replaced in 2014

Misc Items

1. Home sales and updates– 7943 Sold on 6/6/14 for $151,500. 15933 going through Foreclosure. 7935 Short sale.

2. Decks – All decks need to be maintained and stained to look uniform across all townhomes

3. Dogs – There has been many incidents where dog poop is found on grass, sidewalks and decks. Please be considerate and

pick up as you are walking your dog. Please report any incident and email ashformanor3@gmail.com

4. Speeding – Speeding has been a problem with homeowners and non-homeowners in our subdivision. Please be careful as

kids are playing outdoors. Please slow down.

5. Ash trees – Some Ash trees need taken down. Ed will take on this project.

6. Street light – Sharon advised that street light is out near 7914. Village called and is back on!

7. Roof leak– Jim Buskus advised that his roof is leaking and water coming in. Roofing company was informed and has been


8. Snow removal – positive feedback during 2013/2014 Winter season

9. Cul-de-sac parking – Absolutely NO Parking for a long period of time in the visitor cul-de-sac. Cars will be ticketed and

fined accordingly

10. Audit review of Books – Audit and review of books to be completed by Q4 2014

11. By-Laws review/updates – Updates will be completed by Q4 2014


Meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm by Rex Sandine. The next general meeting will be held in May 2015.

Ashford Manor Phase III

PO Box 742 Tinley Park IL

Website: www.ashfordmanorwest3.com

Email: Ashfordmanor3@gmail.com

We have not received interest for volunteers joining the board for 2014/2015 based on the letter that was sent to

all homeowners in April.

All existing board members have decided to run again and remain on the board. A Proxy vote sheet was presented to

homeowners door to door and we were able to get 37 signatures. Welcome Amy Fry to the board. Thanks for


The board of Director Members as follows:

 Ed Dineen - President

 Rex Sandine – Vice President

 Amjad (AJ) Aldabbagh – 1

st Vice President

 Roger Abdallah - Treasurer

 Amy Fry – Secretary

Make your assessment payment online! It’s Free and It’s Easy! Go to

www.ashfordmanorwest3.com and click on Pay Monthly Assessments

If you have any questions with paying online – please contact Roger ashfordmanor3@gmail.com

We wanted to add a special thanks to our President, Ed Dineen for being a dedicated and concerned homeowner and

board member. Ed has gone above and beyond and has done a wonderful job keeping up with the overall appearance of

the subdivision and will continue to devote his time and energy.