2014-10-01 Board Meeting

Board Meeting 10/1/2014 7:07pm

Welcome to Amy Fry, new Secretary 7:08

Discussion of transfer of board responsibilities to Amy – realtors, late letters, etc. 7:09

Discussion of PermaSeal issue at Amjad Aldabbagh’s unit. PermaSeal to do additional repair work at no

cost to the association but Ed Dineen has not been able to get in contact with Mike from PermaSeal and

would like Permaseal to only deal with him going forward since he is President. 7:10

We need one point of contact (Ed) to further deal with PermaSeal to finalize work to be done on

Amjad’s unit. Concern over PermaSeal removing bushes and the association not being charged for the

work being done. Ed to escalate above Mike’s head to possibly the President of PermaSeal 7:15

Amjad raised the point that Ed is aggressive when he is challenged which is why the board does not

communicate well or at all 7:20

New home sales for October. New home owner at 15959 Blackwater Ct moving in first weekend in

October. 7:25

Last project roof on 80th Avenue to be completed by October 31. The fence was completed and

replaced. 8 trees replaced for $3,300.00. 7:28

Overgrown trees possibly from Phase 2 affecting phase 3 property line. Possibly looking into a survey

into who owns what 7:30

$50k in repairs this year on trees, drainage, roofs, fencing; trees to be replaced next year 7:32

Minor discussions around raising assessments; agreement that we need to. Agreement at $155

beginning January 1. This pricing is well under the other associations in our area.

Driveways to be done in 2015. Need to look at driveways that are in most need. 7:35

Tuck pointing looked into as a need by need basis. Look into placing this line item in budget for 2015.


Possibly changing of lamps by garages in 2015. Estimating $3,500 put into the budget for next year. 7:42

Moved checking from Private to Chase. Cd with Private bank. Expired cd in checking account need to

find an interest bearing cd. All board members to recommend cd placement to Roger 7:45

Amy asked to be co-signer on accounts as back-up to Roger. Amy will go in to Numark, Chase and Private

to provide signature and social security. 7:45pm

Fines are from $10- $100 for each violation; there is no ceiling on fines. 7:47

Agreement that along with the assessment increase letter to mention that in Spring 2015 fines will start

on deck maintenance. 7:48

By-laws revision to be completed Q4; 2015 to be released to all homeowners 7:50

Renter at 15961 Blackwater Ct. We do not allow renters. Discussion to contact a lawyer to evict renter.

7:50 pm

Roger to contact lawyer about renter and how to proceed. 7:54 pm

Discussion of signage regarding picking up dog droppings. Amy to take a picture of a sign in phase 2 and

see if we can replicate. 8:01pm

No control over speeding. Cannot put up sign regarding speeding. 8:02pm

Need better security on web site to avoid spam. 8:05pm

Letter to Kathy to please remove the palettes next to her deck. 8:10pm

Look into pricing on fencing behind Winston’s Northeasterly to secure the association. 8:15pm

Parking issue in Gazebo; cars abandoned even with no village stickers. Cars are not to monopolize the

spaces for convenience 8:17pm

Ed to start calling the police about parking in the Gazebo. 8:20pm

Ed brings up removal of staining on his brick from Amjad’s son when Amjad’s deck was painted. Amjad

claims the paint has been removed. 8:24pm

Ed wants the camera posted outside Amjad’s unit removed as we cannot have camera’s posted per the

by-laws. The camera is attached by Velcro and not affixed into the building. The camera will remain up

to ensure there isn’t any more damage to Amjad’s cars in his driveway 8:27pm

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm