2016-02-16 Board Meeting

Board Meeting 2/16/2016

Start 7:00PM

End 7:57PM

Members in attendance:

 AJ

 Roger

 Amy

 Mohammed

Meeting start 7:42pm

Mohammed has mold from roof leak in master bedroom and potentially the bathrooms upstairs.

Amy to work with Rex on Bylaws update.

Board Members to get 50% off assessments all board members voted yes. Wait until meeting to

officially pass.

Outside lamps in front garage door and front door to be replaced. Increase budget to $5K

Finish final 3 roofs for a budget of $60K, 7940 – 7944, 7917 – 7927, 29-35

This year sealcoat all driveways again as some driveways are sinking budget $15K. Will look for another


15933 foreclosure closing sale week of 2/15 for cash offer.

Keeping same landscaping and snow removal company.

Budget $500 for rain sensor

Problem someone was tampering with the sprinkler systems control boxes. Shut off system actually in

homeowner’s house.

Seed areas with no grass budgeting $2K

Deck on corner of 160th low to the ground. Homeowner responsible for fixing.

Looking at options for higher bearing savings accounts for reserve funds.

Options are Ally, Symphony, and local money market accounts

15965 Blackwater Ct 5 months behind on assessment

AJ mentioned to raise assessment $5, denied by board.

Mike’s basement is looking good from flood from pipe break

Walsh plumbing fixed storm water pipe in 2014. We had a problem again in 2016 due to back up from


Send out proxy letter mid-March for elections in late April/early

Moe having mold looked at in attic of his unit