2016-07-18 Board Meeting

Ashford Manor Phase III Board Meeting 7/18/2016

Start time 7:19pm

Members in attendance:

AJ Abdallah, Roger Abdallah, Amy Fry

Homeowners in attendance: Mark , Jeff

Look at new company for seal coating/driveway repairs as current company did not do a good job last

year. 7:20

Roger is moving in September so will need new Treasurer and we have not received any interest in any

board positions. 7:29

Discussion on board members having association monthly dues reduced by half for volunteering time

and hopefully garnering interest. Need to revisit the option of a management company as well. Agenda

item for annual meeting 7:35

Send out for quotes for management companies 7:40

Bylaws and rules and regulations have been updated and will be discussed at the annual meeting. No

RV, Commercial parking in the gazebo, cameras cannot be affixed to the building. 7:50

Review village ordinance for parking in driveways and blocking sidewalks 7:54

Homeowners need to secure garbage in the actual cans and not have garbage bags on the curbs as it

attracts wildlife 7:58

Sales prices are increasing in the area 8:01

Discussion around renting and allowance. Possible restrictions like certain % of homes allowed at any

given time. Cannot purchase and rent immediately; have to own unit for a minimum of 5 years and

serve on the board before you can rent unit. To be discussed at annual meeting. 8:04

Check into costs of recycling for the association 8:06

Pest control; who is responsible for what? Look into pricing. 8:10

$15k currently in budget for driveways; will wait until next year and will look into pricing of concrete in

place of asphalt 8:15

$5K currently in budget for front exterior lamps; looking at options 8:19

Second Monday in August for annual meeting - Roger calling library for dates 8:22

Landscaping - get estimate for mulch 8:24

Sprinkler issues at 7921 and curbside 8:26

Homeowners need to have actual homeowners insurance, not renters insurance 8:27

New roofing on buildings will lower cost on homeowner unit insurance 8:29

Using Chase epay to collect association dues 8:30

Discussion on posting everything online on the website with username/password protected site 8:31

Homeowners need to show up to the annual meeting 8:33

Meeting adjourned 8:35pm