2019-06-08 Board Meeting

In attendance:

President: Rex Sandine

Vice President: Safdar Mirza

Secretary: Susan McNicholas

Treasurer: Jeff Kleinhenz

2nd Vice President: Mo Matariyeh (via phone)

1. Budget

- We're spending more than we have incoming this year because of driveways, but we are still fine as we're taking the funds from reserves.

2. Upcoming driveway work

- June 18, 20 for sealcoating, replacements pending scheduling. Wally's is backed up due to weather and family deaths.

- We are expecting sprinkler repairs to be needed during rip/replace just as we have had the past two years.

3. CIBC 14-mo CD

- We moved $100k from the savings reserve. It has a 2.55% interest rate.

- The remaining $100k+ is still in savings reserve.

- ~$36k will be needed for driveways.

4. Repairs recap

- 7933 leak repair was taken care of with new PVC

- Gutters were cleaned, some repaired

- Dryer/fresh air intake vents were replaced

- Electrical covers re-caulked

- Fence repairs

- Tree trimmings and removals


5. Rules and Regs

- Changes and additions are still under review

6. Welcome Letters

- Not many new homeowners this year

- We have an unexpected renter in the area. We're trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.

7. Homeowners with late payments, assessment balances

- The amount owed is low in comparison with what it has been in the past couple years.


9. Payment Methods

- We will be investigating the possible addition of the following methods for homeowners to pay their assessment fees.

- Venmo

- CIBC people pay

- Zelle payments

10. Letterhead will be updated to replace the PO Box with Weaver's mailing address. Website will also be updated to reflect this.

11. Website

- Will be redesigned

- Will be moved off of WordPress and onto Google Sites

- Free to host (aside from Domain Name via GoDaddy)

- Easy to change and update

- More secure and up to date than WordPress