2021-10-30 Board Meeting Minutes

2021-10-30 Meeting Minutes

Re: Year in Review, Upcoming Board Member Changes


  • Rex Sandine

  • Jeff Kleinhenz

  • Safdar Mirza

  • Susan McNicholas

  • Mohammad Matariyeh

Meeting Points


  • When we elect a new Treasurer, we may decide to consolidate banks into one instead of having savings/CD in CIBC and business checking in Chase. We’re not yet sure which one we’ll go with, but when we move the money from the CD it will have to be after the CD comes due again in July. We’ll also try to get online access for ease of management and transfers.

  • Weaver’s financial management contract cost went up 7% since 2018. Depending on the rest of the budget, there’s a chance that the HOA fee could go up a little, but this depends on the rest of the budget. We are trying not to raise it.

  • Whoever the new Treasurer is will need to be brought on as a primary signer to the CIBC account. This process requires current, up to date meeting minutes stating all the new Board positions and needs to specify who is being removed from and added to the account. This needs to be done within 90 days (30 days would be best) of the meeting minutes. Chase requires the same but doesn’t require a second person on the account.


  • The sprinklers have been shut off for the season

  • Contreras Handyman Services is working on replacing the mulch around the gazebo with rock. Recently they added edging there to try and prevent mulch/mud runoff into the storm drain. Mulch will remain around the trees.

  • We purposely held off on sealcoating this year so we can try and schedule it all at once in the spring. We expect the costs for sealcoating to go up due to labor and materials constraints since that is the going trend with all of our vendors (landscapers included).

  • The damaged parcel boxes that were removed due to rot are apparently now the Association’s responsibility, so that will have to be looked into. It’s unclear if the mailbox keys are on us or if it’s still the Post Office’s responsibility.

  • Deck conditions and staining will have to be revisited come spring. Notices and reminders may be sent out accordingly.

  • We’ve been lifting porches as needed with Permaseal. Their cost has been consistent the last few years and they’ve done good work for us. Scheduling with them remains backed up due to labor constraints as well as their existing customer loads.

  • Like the porch repairs, we’ve been repairing the front railings as needed and as we’re notified. We’ve been continuing to use All Star Railings as they’ve proven themselves reliable and durable. They replace the hydraulic cement and weld on new ends before refinishing instead of just putting a flange into the concrete.

  • Three Brothers Landscaping is now spraying the bushes for pests twice a year and trimming the back bushes twice a year.

  • No major projects have been scheduled for 2021 due to labor and material shortages that have caused price spikes. Fences and front/back light fixtures are the next projects that were discussed.

Board Member Changes

  • Jeff Kleinhenz is leaving the Board. A new treasurer will need to be elected. Safdar Mirza has expressed interest in being the new treasurer.

  • Mohammad Matariyeh is moving away from the area and a new 2nd Vice President will need to be elected. He said he will remain available after moving for any transition of knowledge or contacts.

  • We will be holding a full Association Meeting at Tinley Park Library in Meeting Room A&B on Saturday, November 13th from 10am-11am. We are currently awaiting confirmation from the TPLibrary business center - after which we will be posting notifications/invitations on doors. This will also offer the chance to sign on as a Board Member or nominate those interested.

  • During the full Association Meeting, we will again offer the chance to become a new Board Member for the open positions.

  • The Board will then make the new elections accordingly.

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