2021-11-13 Association Meeting Minutes

Date: November 13th, 2021

Re: Meeting Minutes

Location: Tinley Park Library, Meeting Room A+B

Board Members in Attendance

  • Rex Sandine

  • Susan McNicholas

  • Jeff Kleinhenz

  • Safdar Mirza and Mohammad Matariyeh were not able to make it

Residents in Attendance

  • 5/60

Meeting Minutes

  • Not too much done in terms of repairs due to cost of materials and labor.

  • Sprinklers are shut off for the season.

  • Bushes on the sides of the houses are being sprayed twice a year more by the landscapers. Slow improvement.

  • Pest guy came in and sprayed for the fall.

  • Gazebo repairs have been done due to children damaging spindles.

  • Front porch lifting or raising with Permaseal as needed.

  • Front porch railings have been replaced and repaired as needed.

  • Ongoing dog waste problem

  • Garbage cans are continually being left outside instead of being brought in to the garage. This can cause rodent issues.

  • Village ordinance that you can't have an open flame on a deck, especially in a townhouse area with shared walls.

  • Handyman is going to come and check the gutters after more leaves fall off.

  • Come spring, we'll get back on track for deck repair/stain notifications and warnings.

  • Security cameras, you can have them but they can't be drilled into the walls. Alternative mounting options just be used.

  • Sealcoating will be done all at once starting in spring.

  • Parking complaints - we are physically limited in our area. Guests are generally the issue.

  • Website is still up and being updated.

  • Garbage collection cost went up.

  • No increases in HOA fee at the moment but it will be coming at some point due to vendor increases.

Board Member Resignations and Openings

  • We have three Board Member resignations. The Bylaws require a minimum of three members and a maximum of five. Rex’s neighbor is interested in being on the Board. Susan will be staying on. Jeff, Safdar and Mohammad have resigned from the Board.

  • We have a maximum of two open spots on the Board available. Role assignments are up to the remaining Board members. If you're interested in a specific position, let Rex and Susan know.

Note: individual homeowners who reported maintenance and repair issues were noted separately and will not be listed here due to privacy concerns.